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Department & Facilities
Μέλη ΔΕΠ στο Αμφιθέατρο
Faculty members of the Department at official ceremony.
Business School Auditorium, Academic Year 2013/14
Academic Faculty & Administrative Staff

The Department has 22 faculty members (professors and lecturers) and 2 special faculty members. Additionally, 7 laboratory and special faculty members also teach courses at the Department.

Professor Nikolaos Konstantopoulos is the Chairman of the Department since end of 2017.

The Administrative services are headed by the Deputy Head Officer, currently Mr. Fotis Sidirofagis. Services at the Department are provided by:

• The Student Secretariat - (keeps student records, registers incoming students, issue certificates, makes up timetables and exam schedules and organizes the commencement).

• The Office of Student Affairs – (room & board, health care, scholarships, student loans, ordering and distribution of module books).

• Student Internships

Faculty Members of the Department

Name Level Subject CV
Konstantopoulos, Nikolaos Professor , Department Head Business Administration & Organization CV
Lagos, Dimitrios Professor  Tourism Economics - Tourism Management CV
Papatheodorou, Andreas Professor  Industrial and Spatial Economics with emphasis on Tourism CV
Samitas, Aristeidis Professor  Finance CV
Tsartas, Paris Professor  Tourism Development CV
Bekiaris, Michael Associate Professor  Accounting CV
Christofakis, Manolis Associate Professor  Regional Development and Policy CV
Rogdaki, Eleni Associate Professor  Accounting - Finance CV
Seremetis, Dimitrios Associate Professor  Applied Economics CV
Sigala, Marianna Associate Professor  Service Management in Tourism CV
Valiris, Georgios Associate Professor  Business Administration with emphasis on Management Information Systems CV
Vidalis, Michail Associate Professor  Production Management CV
Andrikopoulos, Andreas Associate Professor  Finance CV
Gaki, Eleni Assistant Professor  Quantitative Methods in Spatial Analysis CV
Gotsias, Apostolos Assistant Professor  Economic Analysis CV
Kakouris, Andreas Assistant Professor  Operations Management CV
Kutsikos, Konstadinos Assistant Professor  Innovation and Technology Management CV
Mavri, Maria Assistant Professor  Quantitative Methods CV
Roumeliotis, Michael Assistant Professor  Theory of Law & Corporate Social Responsibility CV
Stavrinoudis, Theodoros Assistant Professor  Tourism Management CV
Stogiannidou, Marianthi Assistant Professor  Sociology with emphasis on Economic Relations and Business Administration CV
Charaktiniotis, Stefanos Lecturer  Business Law CV
Zounta, Stella Lecturer  Accounting - Cost Accounting CV

Specialized teaching staff

Name Rank Field CV
Soukas, Georgios Business English CV
Tsatsaronis, Georgios Business English CV


Research Laboratories

There are 5 official specialized research laboratories at the Department:

A. Quantitative Methods Laboratory (QmLab)

    Εργαστήριο Ποσοτικών Μεθόδων

B. Laboratory of Tourism Research and Studies (LTRS/ETEM)

    Εργαστήριο ΕΤΕΜ

C. Laboratory of Logistics and Modeling of Operational Systems


D. Growth Transformation & Value Engineering Laboratory (WAVE)


E. Laboratory of Management, Communication and Innovative Education


Scientific Publications

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