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Students attending academic lecture (Academic Year 2014/15)
Doctoral Studies in the Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration has a Doctoral Programme where students prepare a thesis in the scientific domains of the undergraduate and the master’s programme. Our objective is to produce high level scientific research and to create scientists who can be university professors of business administration. We place special emphasis in the dissemination of doctoral research in the international academic community.

A master’s degree is a prerequisite for admission to the Doctoral Study Programme. In special cases, and after a decision be the General Assembly, students without a master’s degree can enrol in the Doctoral Programme, if they have an outstanding record of scientific achievements.

The selection of doctoral candidates

New doctoral candidates are selected based on their academic and professional qualifications in conjunction with an interview. Eligible candidates will be required to submit a brief Doctoral Thesis Proposal, which must include:

  • The suggested title of the thesis

  • The thesis’ objectives

  • An outline of the methodology

  • Bibliography

The beginning of a creative journey: first year students' enrollment. (Academic Year 2014/15)

Mission accomplished: graduation (Academic Year 2014/15)

Preparation of the Doctoral Thesis

The Doctoral Programme cannot be completed in less than three years. The candidate can ask for a suspension of his (her) studies during the preparation of the doctoral thesis. The thesis can be written in either Greek or English.

Each candidate is supervised by a three-member advisory committee (the thesis supervisor is the head of the committee). Once a year, the candidate presents his research output in front of the committee, in the context of open departmental meetings. At the beginning of each academic year, the committee submits a progress report to the General Assembly of the Department. Throughout his doctoral studies, the candidate is expected to actively participate in scientific debates, presenting research output in scientific conferences and publishing research findings in peer-review academic journals.

Upon completing the thesis, the candidate defends the thesis publicly in front of a seven-member examination committee which assesses the originality of the thesis and its contribution to science. The Doctoral Degree is awarded by the General Assembly.

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