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Business School students at lecture (Academic Year 2015/16)
Aims of the Curriculum

Besides providing students with the essential theoretical knowledge and instilling in them discipline ethics and social responsibility, the curriculum of the Department primarily prepares students for professional career orientation.Graduates of the Department are also equipped with adequate practical experience which enables them to make a head start in the competitive world of the labor market.

One of the strengths of the curriculum lies in the succession of modules offered and in the variety of combinations students can make to tailor the program to their individual perspectives and needs. The curriculum allows for the pursuit of the following goals:

•To provide extensive theoretical knowledge that will help the student understand the general problems encountered in various management positions.
•To enhance students communicative competency.
•To develop a scientific approach to module design, placing particular emphasis on quantitative methods and logical analysis.
•To prepare and raise awareness on social issues that students may encounter in the module of their professional career.
•To provide a solid foundation for students wishing to pursue postgraduate studies.

Graduation Requirements

240 units of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points are required to obtain a Degree in Business Administration.

ECTS credits/units
The purpose of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is to strengthen and facilitate academic recognitions procedures between collaborating institutions by using standard recognition mechanisms. The ECTS provides a code of practice for the organization of academic recognition by enhancing curricular transparency and students' achievements. 5 ECTS units are assigned to each module at the Department; The undergraduate thesis is awarded 10 ECTS units. 30 ECTS are awarded each semester and 240 ECTS are required to attain a bachelor’s degree.

Individualized curriculum and general rules
Students must enroll in a certain number of required modules per semester but they may also choose an equal number of other modules. That is, when the required modules in a certain semester are six, students may choose six more modules, totaling a number of twelve per semester

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of their studies students are expected to have acquired the following:
•A scientific approach to solving problems faced by enterprises in the modern world.
•Scientific tools and methods enabling them to cope effectively in a competitive market.
•The capability to pursue postgraduate studies.

The beginning of a creative journey: first year enrollment (Academic Year 2014/15)

Mission accomplished: graduation ceremony (Academic Year 2014/15)

Study Guide

The Department's Study Guide includes all details regarding courses and studies in general. The course outlines are part of the Study Guide.

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the Study Guide (2015/16), the course outlines (2017/18) and the curriculum (2017/18)
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