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Department & Facilities

Department's General Assembly during it's first decade of operation (1985-1995)
From left to right: a. George Soukas, Dept. STS b. Stergios Babanasis, Emeritus Professor, former Rector c. Evangelos Nisireos, former faculty member d. Vassilios Angelis, former Dept head and faculty member e. Panagiotis Alexakis, former faculty member.

The Department of Business Administration was the first department of the University of the Aegean. It first admitted undergraduate students during the academic year (1985-86) with seven faculty members, seven administrative employees and 103 first-year students. Four years later, in the fall of 1989, the Department awarded degrees to its first ten graduates. Since its official inauguration on October 30, 1985, the Department has awarded 1465 Bachelor’s degrees, 747 Master’s degrees and 71 doctoral degrees.

The Department’s innovative programs and practices have often been adopted by other departments of the University and by other Greek universities. Among them are:

• Summer Internship Programme (1986).
• Liaison Committee (1990)
(Educational visits to companies in Greece and abroad - Weekly guest lectures)
• Tutors (1985)


The premises of the University of the Aegean are located in the center of the city of Chios and are easily accessible by public transport. Some of the buildings have been preserved and are reminiscent of the rich architecture and history of Chios Island. The University’s premises are being developed and improved thanks to wide support by the local community and other ongoing programs, aiming at expanding the existing infrastructure.

The Michaleion, at 8, Michalon Street (formerly Michaleion Orphanage). The 3069 square meters house the majority of the educational and administrative activities of the School. Included are 5 Lecture halls, the Auditorium, the General Assembly hall, the Library and Study room, 3 Computer centers, an Audio-visual foreign language laboratory, the Desktop publishing department, the Book binding and copying section, the Offices of the Faculty members, the Administrative Services offices, the Student Society office, etc.

Student housing (4200 sq.m) is built by the waterfront in the Tagma Despoti area, donated by the Holy Order of St. Panteleimon. Located just 3km from the city centre, the six buildings have a total of 179 dorm rooms with private bathrooms, shared kitchens and common reception areas. Four additional buildings are being planned which will increase the housing capacity to 329 rooms. 

Main campus bulding (Michaleion) location is shown on the following map.

View of the Auditorium roof with Michaleion building on the background (Academic Year 2010/11)

Walkway at the students' dormitories (Academic Year 2015/16)

The Language Lab, used by foreign language courses (Academic Year 2015/16)

Auditorium stage (Academic Year 2013/14)

Networking and Technical Infrastructure

All building are connected through fiber optic networks and students can connect their devices through wifi on most areas.

All students have wired or wireless access to the University network and the Internet.

Find out more about e-services offered through the network, on services.

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