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Department & Facilities

Laboratory Staff and Students' Secretariat personnel with a student at graduation ceremony
(Academic Year 2014/15)
Students' Secretariat and Faculty Secretariat 

Students can visit the Secretariat daily 11:00-13:00.

Students can also send various applications to the Secretariat through StudentsWeb.

Mrs Eleftheria Kokolaki & Mrs Mari Stathakou
Tel: +30-22710-35130
(working hours and days)
fax: 22710-35199
e-mail: Student Secretariat 

Academic Secretariat:
Mrs Kiriaki Karamouzou, Secretariat Head
Tel: 22710-35102 (22710-35112 Mrs Argiro Kourasani)

University of the Aegean
School of Business
Department of Business Administration
8, Michalon str.
82100 Chios


Other Offices

Students Affair  Office is located at the Michaleion Building. The office is daily open to students.

Tel: +30-22710-35026 and 35025
(working hours and days)
fax: +30-22710-35099

University of the Aegean
Students Affair Office
8, Michalon str.
82100 Chios


The University's Academic Library Branch in Chios is also in the Michaleion Building. For more information regarding opening hours and contact information, please refer to the relevant webpage:

University Library

The internship office and the carrier office are at the Michaleion Building and they are open daily. For more information please call the following numbers:

+30-22710-35028 Internship Office

+30-22710-35083 Local Carrier Office DASTA-MKE at Chios

View of the Auditorium roof with Michaleion building on the background (Academic Year 2010/11)

Walkway at the students' dormitories (Academic Year 2015/16)

The garden at the main entrance of the Michaleion Building (Academic Year 2015/16)

Location of the Department

The following map shows the location of the central building (Michaleion) in the town of Chios. The site is only few hundred meters away from the town center and the port.

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