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Department & Facilities

Incoming ERASMUS students at Chios (Academic Year 2012/13)

Scenes from theatrical performances of students' groups (Academic Year 2013/14)

Sports and Culture

The University has in Chios the first official football team that participates in local championships and wins titles. For the fans of other sports, bsketball or swimming are available. All teams are guided by a University coach.

Swimming hall and Municipal stadium (outdoors/indoors)

For those who love arts and entertainment - for all - theatrical, dance and other groups offer the necessary balance during studies, combining knowledge acquisition with having fun and meeting interesting new friends.

(Students' dancing group (Academic Year 2010/11)

Other Activities

At the University everyday is full of activities.

The Departments and their students organize continuously new social, and cultural activities with  learning as well as entertaining content.

All activities are open to the general public and are awaiting the participation of all Business School students.

Planning the next activity...relaxing (Academic Year 2012/13)

Blood donation at the auditorium foyer (Academic Year 2012/2013)

First Aid seminars (Academic Year 2013/2014)
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